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The Sitterwerk offers tours from monday afternoon till friday for groups and individuals through the Kunstgiesserei, and through the Art Library, Material Archive and Kesselhaus Josephsohn. In the Kunstgiesserei, the production of cast sculptures is descriptively explained. The explanation of the individual working steps in the lost wax process broadens understanding of artworks and cultural goods cast in metal and synthetic materials as well as their conservation. A tour through the institutions of the Sitterwerk provides insights into the Material Archive, the Art Library and the work of Hans Josephsohn in the Kesselhaus.

Group Tours
Interested groups can contact the Sitterwerk. Tours are suitable for groups of up to 25 individuals, last ca. 1.5 hours and cost Fr. 250.– plus Fr. 5.- per person. Tours for Members of the Sitterwerk Association cost Fr. 200.- plus Fr. 5.– per person.

Public Tours
Individuals can register for tours on the following dates.
Fr. 10.– / reduced Fr. 5.– / Members of the Sitterwerk Association gratis
The number of participants is limited.
Wednesday 28. May 2014 at 5.30 p.m.
Wednesday 27. August 2014 at 5.30 p.m.
Wednesday 12. November 2014 at 5.30 p.m.

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The atmosphere in the Sitterwerk provides a suitable framework for meetings, seminars or festive occasions. The rooms of the Art Library and Material Archive are rented to educational institutes, companies and private individuals. An experienced catering team in the Sitterwerk offers aperitifs, buffets or multi-course meals of a high standard based on individual wishes.

Costs (valid until June 30, 2014)
Rental of the Art Library/Material Archive (complete day / half day)
Standard: Fr. 900.– / Fr. 520.–
Members of the Association: Fr. 750.– / Fr. 400.–
Patrons: Fr. 550.– / Fr. 250.–

Rental of the Art Library/Material Archive or the Kesselhaus Josephsohn for aperitifs 
Standard: Fr. 150.–
Members of the Association: Fr. 100.–
Patrons: Fr. 50.–

Set-up for concerts or seminar seating, flat fee Fr. 100.–, support and supervision Fr. 50.–/h. Video projector, overhead projector, flipchart and WiFi available on request. Contact: Ariane Roth, Telephone: 071 278 87 09 or ariane.roth[at]

Martin Kappenthuler is happy to provide information about the culinary abilities of his catering team: Telephone: 071 311 48 46 or mkappenthuler[at]

The number of places for eating is limited to 60 individuals. Other events are oriented toward a maximum of 80 individuals. Tours are suitable for groups of up to 20 individuals. The Art Library can be rented for public and private occasions but is not suitable for parties.

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Studio Rental
The studios in the Sitterwerk can be rented for workshops and by artists on a daily or weekly basis.
Price and reservation upon request.

Guestroom in the Art Library / Material Archive

The rooms of the Art Library and the Material Archive make extensive research possible. A guestroom with bath and WC allows longer stays in their immediate surroundings.
Price and reservation upon request.

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