17 Meters of Picasso

For some time, with the Magazin, the Sitterwerk Foundation has had at its disposal a second work and library space that we would also like to use for exhibitions. To venture a new beginning, we chose Pablo Picasso and the incredible wealth of publications about him and his oeuvre as working material. The Sitterwerk Art Library actually has over nearly seventeen linear meters of books by, with, and on Pablo Picasso.

In the week from April 18 to 24, the artist and graphic designer Roland Brauchli was invited to spend a whole week trying out what king of book exhibitions might result based on this selection. Central to this is the interest in testing, with some time and leisure, how books can be exhibited: How can relationships between books be presented? How can one involve visitors in conversations about the books? What situations stimulate participation? During Roland Brauchli’s visit, we also discussed these questions with a group of guests within the framework of an evening meal with sardines and roasted vegetables. At the conclusion of Brauchli’s stay, a long table with the seventeen meters of Picasso laid out in a row and a number of smaller exhibition attempts remained. In the display, Roland Brauchli addressed a purely formal pictorial subject, explained the qualities of different printing techniques, or revealed the decisions of the publisher and graphic designer by means of simple comparisons—Picasso himself was almost forgotten in the process.
So as not to disrupt everyday life in the Art Library, only one part of this experimental arrangement will be left standing. The principle of getting to know the collection of the Art Library better by means of such exhibition attempts will also be repeated this year with two other themes and guests.

April 18, 2017 to April 24, 2017