Farewell to Daniel Rohner

May 20, 1948 – October 9, 2007

Daniel Rohner collected art books with an endless passion. His opulent treasure trove finally found a permanent home in the Art Library in the Sitterwerk. In 2006, Daniel Rohner's book collection became part of the Sitterwerk Foundation and it became possible to bring the collection together here under one roof for the first time.

Daniel Rohner spent a great deal of time in his collection in the Sitterwerk - continued to create new arrangements and displays of books, and in doing so produced new, associative cross-references again and again. Even as the state of his health worsened to such an extent that he was hardly able to walk, he continued to find his way to the library until he finally passed away in the Rotkreuz nursing home.

His friends bid farewell to Daniel Rohner in the Sitterwerk. The ashes of his remains were scattered along the Sitter River, accompanied by a sea of rose petals. At the celebration to honor Daniel Rohner, the Appenzeller Zäuerli yodeled, and the film «Kunstbuchsammler Daniel Rohner» by Margrit Bauer and a film sequence about Daniel by Iwan Schumacher were screened in the Library.