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November 04, 2011 to November 05, 2011

The organization of the Library in the Sitterwerk is flexible: the current location of each book is always provided in the catalogue. The Library adapts to its users, who are able to bring together books on the shelves associatively or according to specific subjects. This creates references between books that enable other users to make novel discoveries: when searching for specific books, one comes across books that one was not looking for but that are, nevertheless, also related to the focus of the current interest. In addition, it is also possible to save books that have been brought together for a specific purpose as a group in the catalogue. These cross-references that arise through the diverse uses and questions posed enrich the original library in multifaceted and unforeseen ways. 

During a two-day symposium in November and a workshop in October 2011, the Sitterwerk dedicated itself to the RFID system created in the Art Library and the possibilities and questions that arise from it. How and where can an added value be derived following on the model of dynamic order that has been created? In this connection, the Sitterwerk sees itself as a thought and research laboratory for the examination and further development of associative systems of order. The events are correspondingly planned as a prelude to future events addressing this topic.

The symposium was divided into three sections. In each section, three speakers hold a short presentation on the particular issue, reported on experiences with various systems of order, or made reference to models for possible future orders of knowledge. A moderator  accompanied each presentation and subsequent discussion. The first section dealt with tried and tested systems of order, although it was only possible to demonstrate them exemplarily. The second section examined both conventional as well as alternative systems of order in the fields of art, art documentation, and aesthetics. The final section was dedicated entirely to new systems of thought and should thus provide a summation as well as pave the way for future discussions in a forward-looking manner.

In developing the concept for this and other upcoming events, the Sitterwerk joined forces with partners working in similar research fields. Thus, The Café Society - part of the cooperative the Woods - hold a preliminary workshop in the Sitterwerk. In this workshop, the various tools created within the framework of dynamic systems of order has been utilized in order to demonstrate the possibilities of associative systems of order. The goal of the workshop was to demonstrate the database generated by the Sitterwerk in a clear and practice-oriented test system.

Sitterwerk will publish all lectures in spring 2013.

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