Library of the Future:
Flexible and associative organization systems

The organization of the Library in the Sitterwerk is flexible. In the catalogue, the current location of every book is shown along with the surroundings in which the book is located at a particular moment. Library users can bring together specific groups of books, place them on the shelves, and save them in the catalogue.

Catalogue of the Art Library / Material Archive

The potential of these flexible organization systems is now being explored in a pilot project. Thanks to continuous inventory, a dynamic order is made possible. The RFID reading device makes it possible to recognize where books are situated in the Library by transmitting their current locations at short intervals and saving this data in the digital catalogue. 

The Library can thus be adapted to users, who bring together subject-specific or associative books in the shelves. This makes serendipitous discoveries possible for other users: when people search for specific books, they find other books that they had not been looking for but that, nevertheless, lie within the scope of their interest. The compilations of books are saved in the database so that this principle also leads to unexpected and yet specific discoveries in the digital catalogue.

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