«Anpfiff: Cello-Match»— Musical Theater Concert by new art music/contrapunkt

September 18, 2015 Event date: 20.00

On Friday, September 18, there is a performance of the piece «Match» by Mauricio Kagel (1931–2008), supplemented with compositions by Carola Bauckholt, Stephanie Haensler, and Dennis Bäsecke-Beltrametti, who composed a piece for three cellos and percussion specifically for this concert. The concert is organized under the title «Anpfiff: Cello-Match» (Starting Whistle: Cello Match) by Lorena Dorizzi and new art music/contrapunkt.

The four young musicians participating in the concert set off on a search for similarities between the cellos and drums, the starting point for which is the piece «Match,» a musical-theatrical ping-pong match between two cellists. The drummer is the referee. She interrupts the game, distributes points, gives commands, and makes mistakes in the process every now and then. The piece goes back to a dream the composer once had. In August 1964, he apparently dreamed about a ping-pong match between two cellists and a drummer, in which the athletic aspect, the course of the match, and the special deployment of the two cellists and the drummer were particularly strongly pronounced: the two cellists—each of them almost on the apron in a corner of the stage—and between them the drummer as referee. In «Match,» the visual aspect is just as important as the acoustic. Central to the piece is the fact that the audience perceives the gestures of the three players along with the differentiated soundscape.  

The musicians:
Lorena Dorizzi, Ellen Fallowfield, Julia Pfenninger: Violoncello
Anna Tuena: drums

Admission 30 CHF, members of new art music/contrapunkt 20 CHF, children, trainees, students, unemployed individuals and those without means 5 CHF

Tickets are available exclusively at the evening box office, which is open starting at 7:30 pm. A shuttle bus also runs from the bus stop «Wendeplatz Stocken» to the Sitterwerk starting at 7:30 pm, registration: contact barbara_camenzind[at] / 079 478 54 64.

After the concert, food and beverages are available at the bar.

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