The Sitterwerk Art Library at Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zurich

«Echo Travel Echo Star»
Vera Ida Müller, Sebastian Utzni, Marina Schütz, Sitterwerk Art Library

March 29, 2014 to May 10, 2014

In the exhibition «Echo Travel Echo Star» at the gallery Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zurich, works by Vera Ida Müller and Sebastian Utzni enter into dialogue with the Sitterwerk Art Library. For the first time, the library is being presented off-site in an exhibition as an independent artistic position curated by Marina Schütz. With a thematic selection of books, it communicates with the works exhibited and situates them in new contexts.

Vera Ida Müller’s abstract-geometric paintings, drawings, and prints, which were created specifically for the exhibition, are based on a consolidated process of creating form. Following the layout of the gallery, the exhibition concept, and the specific exhibition architecture, the works positioned in the space emphasize different aspects of confrontation and open up shifting perspectives.

Sebastian Utzni’s current series of works explores the phenomenon of Gerhard Richter. Over the course of an entire year, he went to as many as possible of the innumerable exhibitions in which Richter was involved and in this way developed a “groupie archive” consisting of exhibition catalogues, admission tickets, and travel documents. Printed copies of works by Richter in the original format and material and painted by Utzni with 1:1 copies of the associated travel documents, function as paintings – while they are themselves at the same time a commentary on painting.

The three positions find common ground in the concept of “landscape,” which can be understood metaphorically as an appropriation of what is seen. As a thematic foundation for the books, the concept denotes further strategies in the practice of the two artistic positions. In the work of Utzni, it is the movement through space, media, and narratives, while in the work of Müller developing the forms as scenic moments. The exhibition becomes an accessible island of time that invites visitors to delve into the images and books and embark on a journey with an uncertain outcome. The books are the dynamic element, the “hub” between work and viewer, with an infinite range of combination possibilities.

Herrmann Germann Contemporary
Stationsstrasse 1, 8003 Zurich
Wednesday – Friday, 2–6 pm
Saturday, 12–5 pm

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014 an artists’ talk with Vera Ida Müller, Sebastian Utzni, and Marina Schütz will take place at 7 pm in the exhibition at Herrmann Germann Contemporary in Zurich.