«Caravan, descending a staircase»
– from the sound poem to the speech bubble


Start of the trilogy: «Sprechmusiksprachen – Crossing Frontiers between Lecture, Concert, and Theater»
Organized by «bibliOnzert» – Ueli Vogt and Jürg Hochuli


May 18, 2011 Event date: 20.00

Peter Schweiger, speaking voice, and Petra Ronner, piano
Art Library / Material Archive, Sitterwerk

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the integration of extra-musical means in compositions has increasingly become a matter of course. The repertoire of music has not only been augmented by the sounds of instruments beyond their standard use, everyday noises, or the voice as a pure sound source. Increasingly, the richness of spoken language has also been discovered for composition and has opened up new possibilities in the area of sound poems, recitative singing, and abstract vocal compositions. Today, linguistic utterances can be converted by means of electronic media directly into musical forms or acoustic occurrences can be transformed to such an extent that they nearly begin to speak. «A bouquet comprising the range from Dadaistic to current forms of sound poems and their variants is mediated through the encounter with an art form that amuses, makes one contemplative, allows one to collect experiences, facilitates insights, and in doing so is, nevertheless, highly entertaining.»

In the «Sprechmusiksprachen» trilogy organized by «bibliOnzert», Petra Ronner and Peter Schweiger explore the relationship between music and language on various levels: how music can contribute to the understanding of a text or can also actually make understanding impossible. And, conversely, how a text can open up access to music or also block it. In different publicly accessible libraries in St.Gallen, various forms of language in spoken music find expression: after the start in the Sitterwerk, the series will continue in the fall in the canton library Vadiana and in the Textile Museum library.

entrance: Fr. 30,- / reduced Fr. 15,- (Members of the Association, students, pensioners)

Trilogy «Sprechmusiksprachen – Crossing Frontiers between Lecture, Concert, and Theater»

Part 2 in September in the Vadiana:
«Storch und Stachelschwein» – Poesies by Claude Debussy and Robert Walser

Part 3 in November in the Textile Museum:
«laute zählung» – Melodramas (erstwhile and now)

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