Kulturlandsgemeinde Appenzell Ausserrhoden 2011


The Kulturlandsgemeinde Appenzell Ausserrhoden
as guest in the Sitterwerk


May 08, 2011

Under the title «Arbeit, fertig, los» (work, ready, go), the political-cultural mini-festival 2011 was dedicated to work in a broad and multifaceted manner. The themes were changes in the worlds of work, the seemingly unstoppable development of markets, the situation of being over and under challenged at the workplace, work as a source of inspiration and creativity, the relationship of art and work, of originality and reproduction. The Kulturlandsgemeinde 2011 (popular cultural assembly) brought together representatives from business and politics, artist, economists, scholars, and professionals from the most varied of fields.

Saturday, May 7

With four platforms and eight workshops
Among others, in a workshop offered by the Sitterwerk: visitors molded their hands in wax, which was then casted in plaster on site.

Sunday, May 8
Casting hall of the Kunstgiesserei in the Sitterwerk

Melinda Nadj Abonji reads from «Tauben fliegen auf» with musical accompaniment by Jurczok 1001.

In addition: Selection of the «Hand of the Kulturlandsgemeinde 2011».