Museum Night 2009

Museum Night bus: stop at the Sitterwerk or shuttle from the Stocken bus stop

September 05, 2009 Event date: 18.00 to September 06, 2009 Event date: 01.00

Program in the Sitterwerk:
Starting at 6pm
Open workshops in the Kunstgiesserei and the Photo Lab

7, 9, and 11pm

Tours: Kunstgiesserei, vacuum-metallurgy, and the Photo Lab

8 and 10pm

Tours: Material Archive, Art Library, Kesselhaus Josephsohn, and Studio House


Midnight action with Roman Signer

General information on the St.Gallen Museum Night 2009:

Photo Lab, now in the Sitterwerk
Analog and digital large-format prints for artists and photographers

Kunstgiesserei, now with vacuum-metallurgy
In addition to traditional casting in metal, the most modern of materials, techniques and technologies for the production and restoration of sculptural artworks are also employed.

Material Archive 
Exhibition «On Materials and Artworks» focusing attention on materials and substances opens up new approaches and inspirations for art.

Art Library
25,000 volumes on art and architecture are registered and made accessible with robots and RFID technology.

Studio House
Open studios of the guest artist Flora Cohen and of Katalin Deér.

Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Sculptures by Hans Josephsohn. Presentation of the films «Josephsohn - Stein des Anstosses» (1977) and «Josephsohn - Bildhauer» (2007).

Book Workshop
Markus Comba binds and restores printed materials and one of a kind works.

Culinary treats
Pizze di Angelo, beer and bar