Museum Night 2014

September 06, 2014 Event date: 18.00 to 01.00

During the Museum Night 2014, taking place on Saturday, September 6, from 6 pm to 1 am, visitors are invited to visit the Art Library, Material Archive, Kesselhaus Josephsohn, and Studio House in the Sitterwerk as well as the workshops of the Kunstgiesserei, and the Photo Lab. The Sitterwerk staff provides detailed insights into several of these areas on tours, and at midnight a casting process will be demonstrated in the hall of the Kunstgiesserei.

The motto is “Museumsnacht St.Gallen tanzt” (Museum Night, St.Gallen Dances). In collaboration with ig tanz ost, the team organizing the Museum Night has invited ten selected dance companies and artists to perform a piece in the various museums and cultural institutions participating in the Museum Night. In the Studio House in the Sitterwerk, an excerpt from the piece “Tale of a Honeybee” will be presented. The dancer and choreographer Hideto Heshiki, the pianist and composer Christoph Stiefel, and the lighting designer Fiona Zolg cooperated on the development of this work and adapted it for the performance in the Sitterwerk.

Starting at 6 pm: Projections by Lisa Schiess: “SPINNE ICH SPINNE,” video loop, an orb-weaving spider weaves her web at the midnight hour.

7 pm, 10 pm: Tours through the Art Library, Material Archive, Kesselhaus Josephsohn, and Fotolabor (meeting point: Art Library)

7.30 pm, 9.30 pm: Tour through the vacuum metallurgy

8 pm: Tour through the Kunstgiesserei with vacuum metallurgy (meeting point: chasing room of the Kunstgiesserei)

9 p, 11 pm:  Hideto Heshiki & Christoph Stiefel, “Tale of a Honeybee,” ca. 20 minutes, dance performance in the Studio House

9:30–11 pm: Open studio of Katalin Deér, Studio House

Midnight: Midnight casting

Food and beverages from 6–11:30 pm: warm food, cold beverages, coffee and cake

Tickets for the Museum Night can be purchased at all of the participating institutions. A ticket for the Museum Night costs CHF 20.- and provides admission to the over thirty museums and cultural institutions as well as free travel with the Rundkurs bus, the shuttle bus (from Stocken to the Sitterwerk), and the Ostwind-Zone 210. Admission is free for children and young people up to sixteen years of age.

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Program (PDF)