Publication on New Systems of Order

Dynamic order is a distinguishing characteristic of the Art Library. The books do not have a fixed location on the shelves: users may rearrange the books as they wish—and they can nevertheless be found again at any time thanks to radio frequency technology.

In the publication “Archive der Zukunft—neue Wissensordnungen im Sitterwerk” (Archive of the Future—New Systems of Order in the Sitterwerk), artists, librarians, scholars and designers address questions, examples, and considerations as well as new trends in connection with the subject of organizing knowledge. The publication was produced in connection with the Symposium of the same name.

With texts by: Dr. Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Susanne Bieri, Dr. Christian Kern, Prof. Dr. Claudia Mareis, Dr. Gerhard Matter, Philipp Messner, Prof. Dr. Paul Michel, Dr. Hans Petschar, Tobias Schelling, Marina Schütz, Anthon Astrom, Fabian Wegmüller and Lukas Zimmer as well as Hans Witschi.

120 pages, in-house publishing, German (introduction German/English)
Book design: István Scheibler; photographs: Katalin Deér
Fr. 25.– / Fr. 20.– (association members) plus postage
That book is sold out. In 2015, an extended english version has been published at Soberscove Press, Chicago.