Robots in Libraries?—An Evening of Conversation in the Art Library

November 23, 2017 Event date: 19.00

What do robots, digital tools, and RFID technology do between bookshelves? Can structures of order be broken up with automated processes, and do we now find everything in chaos? How do users react to such innovations? 

In the Sitterwerk Foundation, the cornerstone for an examination of systems of order in collection and library facilities was laid with dynamic order. We would like to address this development more intensively in the coming year. What especially interests us is how users deal with the new technical offers. Whether, for instance, search behavior, or a visit to the library is permanently altered. Can we learn from existing search results? And can search results be improved, made more precise, through documentation of existing research?

The start of this series of events on new tools and possibilities connected with documentation in the field of libraries and collections is an evening with Juja Chakarova, Head of Library at the Max Planck Institut Luxemburg, and Anthon Astrom and Lukas Zimmer, designers and developers from Zurich.

Juja Chakarova will speak about her experience with automated processes and RFID technology in libraries and discuss the results of her recently completed study of RFID technologies and inventory robots that are available on the market, as well as the responses of librarians to questions regarding the acceptance and implementation of offerings in this field.

Anthon Astrom and Lukas Zimmer present central aspects of their work in the field of documenting, recording, and cross-linking work processes in collections and libraries. They consequently focus on how digital tools can offer users not only physical, but also abstract spaces and new navigation options. Can one link the specific characteristics of materials and media in a collection and consequently lead to new knowledge landscapes? And to what extent can active use of collections contribute to such new structures?

With the support of the “Bibliotheksförderung” (library grant) of the Canton of St. Gallen