Salome Schmuki and Katalin Deér in the Art Library

April 29, 2017 to April 30, 2017

Within the framework of “5ünfstern, offene Künstlerateliers in der Ostschweiz” (Open Artists’ Studios in Eastern Switzerland),” Salome Schmuki and Katalin Deér provided insight into new, still ongoing projects in the Art Library. Salome Schmuki created the characters on the windows of the Art Library, with which she applied her extensive research on reading behavior and dyslexia to an unexpected background in a seemingly random manner. Katalin Deér uses the photocopier and reproduces pages of books and photos of reliefs and architecture in such a way that the two-dimensional suddenly seems to become three-dimensional, and vice versa. This effect is further reinforced by the inclusion of hands or the switch from color to black and white. The booklets and sheets of paper that she designs are an attempt and a result at the same time, and show how the photocopier can be used for such smaller printed material.  

Further information about Salome Schmuki and her guest stay in the Sitterwerk is available: here

And about Katalin Deér