Sculptures by Hansjürg Buchmeier,
An Exhibition in the Sitterwerk

February 12, 2017 to March 26, 2017

Opening: Sunday, February 12, 2017, 2 to 5 pm
Book launch of the publication africana, edition typoundso
Welcome speech at ca. 3 pm

Since 2012, the artist Hansjürg Buchmeier has been working with the Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen on realizing his bronze figures—giving rise not only to diverse figures, but also to collegiality, familiarity, and friendship. In 2015 and 2016, Hansjürg Buchmeier could also regularly be found at the Kunstgiesserei while he was on a sabbatical, during which he completed a new series of monumental bronze sculptures. He executed them himself under the supervision—and critical gaze—of the art casters, and ventured to perform nearly all the work steps in the lost wax process himself. For him as an artist, this involved not only hard physical labor, but also a new perspective on the results and in particular a new understanding of the work process and the questions and challenges connected with it. In the end, Hansjürg Buchmeier not only benefited from the experience of the Kunstgiesserei, but also questioned the tried and tested and took advantage of the inspiring surroundings to experiment with new techniques. His interest and curiosity in dealing with ceramic negatives and 3D printing thus resulted in works that he would not have been able to realize in his own studio, but were also surprising for the Kunstgiesserei. These are examples that show how the workshop environment can have direct effects on work—and vice versa.

The results of this collaboration will be exhibited in the Sitterwerk Foundation for six weeks in February and March 2017 with the group of «Contingentia» works. They are therefore returning to the place where they were fabricated, in direct proximity to the workshops and employees of the Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen. The exhibition thus addresses not only the artist’s familiarity with production, but also the relationship between art and the production processes and conditions involved in making art in the first place. Ultimately, the question is always also the extent to which artists—or perhaps art in general—advance technology and production or, conversely, the extent to which artists are supported by production and prompted to try out new things. Production and art influence and inspire each other another reciprocally and regularly. With this exhibition, the Sitterwerk Foundation would like to communicate the thematic field of ‘art and production’ in a simple, direct way.

Webpage of Hansjürg Buchmeier

Events during the exhibition:
Thursday, February 23, 2017, 6 pm
Tour of the exhibition
With Hansjürg Buchmeier and Roland Früh 

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 2 to 5 pm
Art and Its Production—Production and Its Art
A roundtable discussion with Roger Boltshauser, architect, Felix Lehner, head of the Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen, and Hansjürg Buchmeier, artist

With the friendly support of the Arnold Billwiller Stiftung and the Casimir Eigensatz Stiftung