The Stiftung Erbprozent Honors the Sitterwerk

In 2018, the Sitterwerk has received a considerable contribution from the Stiftung Erbprozent. The Swiss foundation for the promotion of culture across generations by civil society gives everyone the chance to support the national cultural landscape and a vibrant cultural life by pledging to donate a percentage of their inheritance. 

The support of the Stiftung Erbprozent Kultur pays tribute to the Sitterwerk’s many years of engagement and affirms it with a heartfelt “Keep it up!” “The contribution goes to the operations and honors the work of the Sitterwerk team, which, hand in hand, contributes to the further development of cultural and artistic work with great passion and expertise.” 

A wonderful opportunity for us to thank everyone who has supported the Sitterwerk in act and deed and with passion for many years.

Detailed information about the Stiftung Erbprozent Kultur, its funding activities, and the organizations funded in 2018 can be found at