The Archive of the Future: Workshop in the Sitterwerk


October 21, 2011 to October 23, 2011

The Sitterwerk is making its Library and Material Archive into a laboratory: Over 16,000 books and a substantial part of the Material Archive have been equipped with RFID labels, which allows users to curate the order themselves. Instead of systematic order, what results is a dynamic world of books and materials that make new references defined by users visible. In connection with the symposium «The Archive of the Future – New Systems of Order in the Sitterwerk», The Café Society invites participants to come and play.

In a workshop that combines books, pen and paper with unconventional digital interfaces, we will explore the invisible connections and structures between books and materials. Do associative connections contribute to efficient reception of contents or are entirely different qualities fostered? What role might a library with a dynamic order have? What are the possibilities that are opened up for users as a result of these structures, and what possibilities for authors?

Over the two days, we will examine the possibilities and effects of new associative systems of order. We will test and discuss various possibilities for using and presenting a library of the future.

On the first day, we will gain an overview of important theoretical positions on the theme and show some examples of digital interfaces that attempt to create new structures for knowledge, reading and authoring through the presentation of relationships. A second part of the workshop involves testing and discussing the existing tools with the aim of outlining specific possibilities for using them.

The workshop is intended to open the eyes of authors, artists, designers, and other thinkers for new possibilities of curating content as well as provide insight into possible, new ways of organizing knowledge and ways of thinking. The results will be presented at the Sitterwerk Symposium on Saturday November 5.

The workshop is open to all interested individuals, and participation in the symposium that follows in November is not obligatory. There is space for 12 participants in the workshop. We look forward to having individuals who are curious to discover alternative approaches to organization, curating, and presentation, independent of their professional background.

About The Café Society
The Café Society are Anthon Astrom, Fabian Wegmüller and Lukas Zimmer.

Anthon Astrom studied natural sciences and fine art. He has been active as a lecturer, programmer, and designer since 2002. He has been working in the Woods, Zurich since 2009. Along with Lukas Zimmer, he heads Astrom Zimmer GmbH (graphic design and development) and The Café Society (teaching and research). The Café Society has existed since 2007 and has since then has already won numerous awards for the development of various experimental authoring environments.

After studying art and design in the video department at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Fabian Wegmüller was involved in establishing the studio the Woods in Zurich. He works as a freelance filmmaker and with The Cafe Society on projects between art, design, and research. He is also a member of staff as the videocompany, Zurich, where he assists as a video technician in the realization of art projects and exhibitions.

Lukas Zimmer studied visual communication in Bern and Amsterdam. Since 2007, he has been working as a freelance graphic designer in the studio the Woods in Zurich and is also involved in research projects at various universities and academies. In 2007, he initiated The Café Society in cooperation with Anthon Astrom.

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