Between Pixel and Print—Physical Archives in the Digital World

An evening at the Art Library

February 25, 2016 Event date: 19.00

The Sitterwerk Foundation turns ten years old in 2016. We are taking this as an occasion to enter into dialogue with friends and related institution and to do a type of defining of positions for our—but also their—projects. An evening at the Art Library constitutes the kick-off of a series of occasions. On Thursday, February 25, 2016, we invite all interested individuals to reflect on libraries today and their approaches to knowledge in the analogue vs. the digital along with the speakers. The Sitterwerk sees itself as a laboratory and platform for research regarding ways of organizing knowledge, knowledge transfer, and the representation of digital and analogue processes. Our goal is to bring together the digital and the haptic world at the interface between user and medium (book/material) and show what possibilities in addition to common applications can exist in the future. 

On this evening, we would also like to present the publication «The Dynamic Library,» 2015, as an expanded English edition of a book that was already published in German in 2013.  

- Markus Joachim, Director Libraries Hönggerberg, ETH Library Zurich
- Jan Melissen, Director of the Medien- und Informationszentrum MIZ, ZHdK Zurich
- Prof. Max Spielmann, Institut Hyperwerk, HGK / FHNW Basel (lib2share project)
- as well as with an introduction by the Sitterwerk

After brief presentations, we will open the discussion. Afterward bar and small aperitifs.