Between Cabinet of Curiosities and High-Density Storage—An Evening at the Art Library

June 23, 2016 Event date: 19.00

On activating and mediating libraries, estates, and other collections.

The Sitterwerk Foundation is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016. We are taking this as an occasion to do kind of a public stocktaking of current collection projects in discussions with colleagues and project partners. Following “Between Pixel and Print”, the second evening in this series is taking place on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

With the Material Archive, Art Library and Kesselhaus Josephsohn, various areas have been brought together in the Sitterwerk Foundation.  Everyday work life therefore also consists of utilizing the special characteristics of the holdings and their links to one another. One challenge arises again and again: How can the specific potential of a collection, of an artistic estate as well as also its adjacencies, its interfaces with other areas be fostered and mediated?

We have therefore decided to dedicate this evening in the series to the topic of activating and mediating libraries and collections, and have invited other institutions to report on their projects. How do others organize their collections, their archives, and how can the potential of holdings be incorporated into mediation, into exhibitions, or simply into a reading corner? How can the complexity of the contents be disseminated and mediated to the public?

The following speakers will present current projects from their institutions:
- Matthias Gabi, Fotobibliothek (Library at Fotozentrum) Winterthur
- Heidi Eisenhut, Cantonal Library of Appenzell Ausserrhoden
and with an introduction by the Sitterwerk

We will open up the discussion after brief presentations. Followed by bar and small refreshments.