Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Galerie Felix Lehner AG
Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Galerie Felix Lehner AG

A Group Exhibition with Josephsohn at the Kunstmuseum Lucerne

February 27, 2016 to May 29, 2016

At the Kunstmuseum Luzern, a group exhibition curated by Fanni Fetzer with Hans Josephsohn, Katinka Bock (*1976), and Fabian Marti (*1979) was opened on February 26, 2016. What the three artists have in common is their direct physical work in and with material, something that is directly reflected in their works: in Marti’s work, for instance in photograms or ceramic works, and in Bock’s in the form of slightly altered found objects. The process of creation can also be comprehended in Josephsohn’s works. Paradoxically, because designing the surface of his sculptures never interested him. As a result, the traces of the breaking off and addition of plaster, the material he mainly used to build volume, remain visible.

The group exhibition in Lucerne is structured in such a way that the three artistic positions are each presented separately in individual smaller rooms and together in the largest space. The presentation of Josephsohn’s works in one room comprises multiple medium-sized half-figures and two large, portrait-format reliefs. In a second room, it is possible to see early, flat reliefs as well as two reclining figures and relief sketches. A group of late half-figures is shown in the largest space—along with works by Bock and Marti.

The exhibition, whose title, Warum ich mich in eine Nachtigall verwandelt habe (Why I Transformed Myself into a Nightingale), is borrowed from a short story by the German writer and painter Wolfgang Hildesheimer, continues until May 29.

Accompanying Events:

Conversation at the exhibition

Wednesday, March 23, 6 p.m.

Ulrich Meinherz, Kesselhaus Josephsohn, in conversation with Fanni Fetzer, Curator of the exhibition

Josephsohn Bildhauer

Film by Matthias Kälin and Laurin Merz, 2007

Tuesday, March 22, 2:30 p.m.

Sunday, April 10, 11 a.m.

Film screenings at the Stattkino Luzern

Encounter with the original
Sunday, May 29 11 a.m.

The collection conservator Heinz Stahlhut reflects on a work by Hans Josephsohn

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