Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Galerie Felix Lehner AG
Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Galerie Felix Lehner AG

«Hommage à Josephsohn» Version IV at the Museum La Congiunta in Giornico

September 10, 2016 Event date: 16.00 Giornico, TI

Every two years, the ensemble für neue musik zürich performs a new version of the «Hommage à Josephsohn» at the Josephsohn museum, La Congiunta, in Giornico, Ticino, in memory of Hans Josephsohn. Ever since La Conguinta opened, the idea of composing a piece of music to go along with the sculptures refused to leave Hans-Peter Frehner, composer and artistic director of the ensembles, in peace: «In realizing this idea, I would have loved to play on these bronzes—but since this is a sacrilege and ‘touching’ the sculptures in this way is out of the question, it made sense to use exclusively instruments made of the same material as the figures for my sound constructions: tubular bells, crotales, cymbals, gongs …»

Hans-Peter Frehner: Hommage à Josephsohn Version IV
A sound installation for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and three percussionists

ensemble für neue musik zürich
Hans-Peter Frehner—flute

Manfred Spitaler—clarinet

Urs Bumbacher—violin 

Nicola Romanò—violoncello

Viktor Müller—crotales

Lorenz Haas—tubular bells

Sebastian Hofmann—gongs

Admission free 

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Photo: Mario Kunz