Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Galerie Felix Lehner AG
Kesselhaus Josephsohn
Galerie Felix Lehner AG

“Hommage à Josephsohn”, Version III 

Performance at the La Congiunta Museum, Giornico

September 20, 2014 Event date: 16.00

The composition “Hommage à Josephsohn” (Version III) by Hans-Peter Frehner will be performed at the La Congiunta museum this September. Version II of the composition, which was arranged specifically for the museum, was presented 2012 in conjunction with the twenty-year anniversary of La Congiunta, a building built by Peter Märkli for the reliefs and half-figures of Josephsohn.

Hans-Peter Frehner is a flutist and composer and the artistic director of the ensemble für neue musik zürich. A friend of the sculptor Hans Josephsohn since the beginning of the nineteen-eighties, he also attended the opening of La Congiunta in 1992. From that point on, Hans-Peter Frehner was fascinated by the idea of writing a piece of music for Josephsohn’s sculptures and reliefs: “In realizing this idea, I would have loved to play on these bronzes—but since this is a sacrilege and ‘touching’ the sculptures in this way is out of the question, it made sense to use exclusively instruments made of the same material as the figures for my sound constructions: tubular bells, crotales, cymbals, gongs …” In his composition honoring Josephsohn’s work, he created sixty-three groups of sounds of various lengths that flow into each other. Frehner’s composition makes reference to the sculptures exhibited: the similarity of the sculptural figures to one another finds an analogy to the similarity of the musical sound figures within the composition.

The “Hommage à Josephsohn” is intended for reverberant spaces such as La Congiunta or the Kesselhaus Josephsohn, where Version I of the composition was performed on a spatial level in May 2011. During the performances, the audience is able to move freely in the space and thus perceive the composition as a unit along with the sculptures.

ensemble für neue musik zürich
Hans-Peter Frehner/flute, Manfred Spitaler/clarinet, Viktor Müller/crotales, Lorenz Haas/tubular bells, Urs Bumbacher/violin, Nicola Romanò/violoncello, Sebastian Hofmann/gong

La Congiunta, Ticino