Demonstration of the five-axle milling robot of the Kunstgiesserei and a documentary film by Stephan Sachs

 Sculptures from digital data 

July 02, 2009 Event date: 19.00

6pm: Exhibition «On Materials and Artworks» open
7pm: Meeting point in the Material Archive in the Sitterwerk for the transfer to Engelburg (special trip in the city bus, sponsored by the VBSG)
7:30pm: in Engelburg - aperitifs and demonstration of the five-axle milling robot of the Kunstgiesserei
8:30pm: in Engelburg - screening of the documentary film by Stephan «und sahen was zu machen war ...» (1991-1994, D), 72', b/w

The modern technology for the three-dimensional scanning of objects and their reproduction in the dimensions desired fundamentally opens up new possibilities for sculptural, artistic creation. Through the processing of digital data, individual objects can not only be enlarged or reduced as desired - they can also be nested within one another or merged. Even hollow spaces, e.g. that have accidentally been created within kneaded lumps of clay, can be measured by means of computer-tomography and also be reproduced as objects with unsettling, unfamiliar contours.

The Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen AG recently put a large five-axle milling robot into operation, with which objects of up to 10 meters in size can be realized in Styrofoam. With it, models for monumental sculptures by Urs Fischer, among other artists, are produced before they are finally molded and cast in metal. But the technology of computer-controlled, high-precision milling of contours and surfaces can also be utilized for the realization of digitally generated object data beyond the world of artworks.

Following a demonstration of the possibilities and functionalities of this high-tech machine, the Sitterwerk presents a documentary film about the re-erection of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Monument at the Deutsche Eck in Koblenz within the framework of the film cycle «Stone, Steel, Styrofoam». In realizing this monument, Styrofoam was also employed as a support material for artistically designed forms. The film, which was awarded the German film critic prize for the best documentary film of 1994, is however much more than simply technical documentation, and instead a «subtle, satirical German commentary» on the installation and removal of monuments and their symbolic value at the same time.

The screening of the film takes place in cooperation with Kinok and the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen AG within the framework of the film cycle «Stone, Steel, Styrofoam».

The special trip to Engelburg and back in the St.Gallen city bus was sponsored by the VBSG.

See also the article in the St.Galler Tagblatt of July 01, 2009.