Film cycle «Stone, Steel, Styrofoam»

In cooperation with Kinok, Christoph Holenstein stonemason atelier, and the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen AG
April 22, May 15, July 02, 2009 

Stone | Wednesday April 22

Exhibition open as of 7pm

8:30pm in Christoph Holenstein's stonemason atelier in the Sitterwerk:


Michael Trabitzsch: La strada del marmo

(2001, D/CH), 82', I/Ger. subtitles


A documentary film about the hard everyday work of the stone breakers of Carrara, the world's largest and tradition-rich quarrying region for white marble in Northern Italy. It was here that Michelangelo got the marble for his sculptures: the David or the Medici Chapel in San Lorenzo. Blocks of marble weighing 30 to 60 tons are quarried under life-threatening conditions on a work platform at a height of 2000 meters.



Steel | Friday, May 15

Exhibition open starting from 7pm

8:30pm in the hall of the Kunstgiesserei:


Maria Anna Tappeiner: Richard Serra — Thinking on your feet

(2005, D), 93', E/Ger.


The documentary film accompanies the American artist Richard Serra over one year of work on «The Matter of Time», a walk-through installation consisting of seven monumental steel sculptures for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In extensive interviews, Serra talks about the process of creating the work and about his artistic conception of himself.



Gianni Amelio: La stella che non c'è

(2006, I/CH), 106', I/Mand./Ger. subtitles


Vincenzo works in a steelworks in Naples that has been sold to China.  On his own initiative, he travels after the plant because he believes that the smelting furnace is defective and might, therefore, endanger human lives. But this furnace has already been sold off. Vincenzo thus starts on an odyssey through China, where he is confronted with a culture that is completely alien to him.

This film can be seen in May exclusively in the KINOK.



Styrofoam | Thursday, Juli 2

Exhibition open as of 6pm

7pm meeting place in the Material Archive, transfer to Engelburg, demonstration of the five-axle milling robot of the Kunstgiesserei, followed by the screening of the film:


Stephan Sachs: und sahen was zu machen war ...

(1991-1994, D), 72', b/w


Awarded the German film critic prize for the best documentary film of 1994, the filmic essay follows the re-erection of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Monument at the Deutsche Eck in Koblenz.  A «subtle, satirical German commentary» on the installation and removal of monuments and their symbolic value.

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