Plaster Tartlets with Strawberry Cream

Workshop for children within the framework of the St.Gallen Sommerplausch

July 13, 2009

In cooperation with the youth department of the City of St.Gallen, the Sitterwerk along with three producers of art offers a workshop for young people. The goal is to form, cast, arrange and paint objects in plaster. Optically enticing confectionary delights will be produced, not to eat but rather to look at. With Anita Zimmermann, strawberries and lacquer cherries will be cast, with Frank Keller and the icing bag, white crests will be arranged on fancy cakes, and with Marianne Rinderknecht, these will be given a tempting coat of paint. The treats will be shown in a special exhibition in the Sitterwerk during the Museum Night.

Course leaders: Anita Zimmermann, Marianne Rinderknecht, Frank Keller

Preparation: bring work clothes (to be disposed of afterwards). Bring mid-morning snack.

Meeting point: Monday July 13, 8.30am at Restaurant Stocken

Course location: in the spaces of the Sitterwerk

Age group: up to the 6th grade

Registration under St.Gallen Sommerplausch