October 25, 2018 to October 27, 2018

In late October, the Sitterwerk together with the Material Archive of Bern University of the Arts will be offering a three-day course on enamel-making. The target audience includes students and professionals from the areas of conservation and restoration, graphic design, architecture, design, and art.
The course is held as part of the project Metal – Surfaces. Enamel, whose surface can serve as protection against corrosion, as a backdrop for writing, and as a food-safe coating, is thematized in this expanded context during the course.

Enamel stands for a combination of metal and molten glass, whereby materials and methods coalesce or blend together. The joining of the metal carrier with a layer of molten glass gives rise to a material with specific technical and optical qualities. During the three days at the Sitterwerk, these qualities can be explored through experiments with enamel powder and copper on sample plates. The course program will include the practical execution of various colored surfaces as well as painting and stencil techniques and is also accompanied by theoretical input. Moreover, historical and current fields of application for enamel will be discussed, along with references to typography and art.

The course is fully booked. However, interested persons can asked to be placed on the waiting list. Please contact: julia.luetolf[at]

In the scope of the enamel course, a public lecture evening will be held at the Material Archive on Thursday, October 25, 2018, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.:

Glass and Enamel as Characteristic Materials in Early Christendom
Ueli Fritz, conservator and lecturer at Bern University of the Arts
The origins of enamel go back to the art of gold- and silversmithing, where it was used to colorfully decorate precious metals. Ueli Fritz will be discussing the period prior to the year 1500, when enamel enjoyed widespread use in an ecclesiastical context and as a material symbol.

Enamel: The Consummate Surface
Sabrina Hirsiger, managing director, and Argon Balaj, enamel specialist, from m&m public design ag
The company m&m public design will introduce the traditional craft of enamel-making, which it has been carrying out for 25 years. Many manual work stages are necessary before a product shines in its full splendor. Sabrina Hirsiger and Argon Balaj offer an inside view of their production processes and show inspiring present-day uses for enamel.

Organization and teaching of course:
Urs Jordi, staff at Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen / Karin Lehmann, Material Archiv S8, Bern University of the Arts / Julia Lütolf, head of the Sitterwerk Material Archive

Contributions, lectures:
Ueli Fritz, lecturer in conservation and restoration, Bern University of the Arts / Sabrina Hirsiger, managing director, and Argon Balaj, enamel specialist, m&m public design ag / Katalin Deér, artist / Roland Früh, head of the Sitterwerk Art Library