Remote Material Deposition – Workshop in Cooperation with the ETH

Remote Material Deposition (RMD) – This is the name of a current research and teaching project of the Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication (Prof. Fabio Gramazio, Prof. Matthias Kohler) at the ETH Zurich. This project explores the idea of positioning malleable material freely in space and creating differentiated structures by means of digitally controlled deposition. In cooperation with the Sitterwerk St.Gallen, this robot-based fabrication technique was implemented for the first time at a scale of 1:1 and presented to the public. From July 4 to 11, it was possible to see the built results of the one-month-long workshop with the students in the Studio House of the Sitterwerk. The presentation opened on July 3 with talks by the project participants, an open round table discussion, and a demonstration of remote material deposition.

film about the workshop
Webpage of the Professorship.

The workshop in the Sitterwerk was supported by:
Festo AG, Switzerland
Hans und Wilma Stutz Stiftung, Herisau
IKEA Foundation (Switzerland), Basel