Plastic Wax
Workshop Talk in the Sitterwerk

September 19, 2013 Event date: 18.00

Guests: Sabina Carraro, moulage collection of the University of Zurich, Sibylle Obrecht and Emil Meier, Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen

Moderation: Julia Lütolf, Material Archive in the Sitterwerk

Recent conversations with Sister Gertrud, the wax artisan and beekeeper from the convent of Notkersegg, complement the workshop talk.

Wax is a plastic material—versatile and resilient. This also applies in a figurative sense to the definition. «Wax» is a technological catchall term that describes a group of materials group by means of certain properties and therefore stands for a wide range of substances of different origins, applications, and compositions.

Wax can also be easily modified on the chemical level and—just as in its handling—be shaped almost arbitrarily. This mutable character as well as the fact that wax is nowadays only rarely the basic element in an application has shaped the perception of the material. Wax as a material is often not visible—for example when it is an additive to construction materials or used as a tool in the lost wax technique—and if it does appear clearly as a candle or sculpture, it is difficult to determine which raw materials underlie the material.

At the workshop talk, plastic wax will be discussed in specific forms. Four professionals will provide accounts from their point of view on raw materials, ingredients, and works.

Material Archive in the Sitterwerk, Thursday, September 19, 2013
6 pm, with bar service