Material Perspectives - A Look into the Drawers

Within the context of the Material Perspectives project, work on indexing samples is currently being done in the storage space of the Sitterwerk. In a temporarily set-up photo studio, application-related material samples are being photographed in their various manifestations. The materials are being documented in photos — drawer by drawer. The goal is to facilitate better insights into the extensive collection in the long-term as well as digitally. The photographs are supposed to later be accessible on the Material-Archiv online database and available to users as informative pictures of applications. In addition, the photos will also be used for the further development and expansion of the «Werkbank» (workbench) in the Sitterwerk. In future, this should supplement the Sitterwerk catalogue with an additional function, being able to open the drawers in the archive digitally. Such a presentation can encourage as well as simplify retrieval. Material samples that are stored in the upper area of the four-meter-high drawer cabinet will therefore become more visible and easier to access. 

The Material Perspectives project devoted itself in-depth to work with and examination the accessibility of the collection of materials within the context of the ten-year anniversary of the Sitterwerk. This concretely includes developing labeling methods and strengthening the qualities of the collection on-site. In parallel, efforts are also being made to improve access on a digital level. Following in-depth conversation evenings with experts from other collections and an exhibition project with a focus on the history of various materials in the past year, with the photographic documentation, another important step in maintaining the collection is now being tackled.

Supported by:

Ria und Arthur Dietschweiler Stiftung, St.Gallen

Susanne und Martin Knechtli-Kradolfer Stiftung, St.Gallen

Ortsgemeinde St.Gallen, Straubenzeller Fonds
Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung, Herisau