Patron editions are regularly created in the Sitterwerk. The sale of them supports the realization of an artistic work. The objects are sent certified and signed by post. Purchasing an object gives the buyer a one-year membership in the Sitterwerk Circle of Patrons.


Edition: Ten Years of the SitterwerkUeli Torgler | Yves Netzhammer | Mariana Castillo Deball

Edition: Ten Years of the Sitterwerk

On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Sitterwerk Foundation in 2016, an edition with a selected group of limited and signed works was presented. To take a look back at what has taken place here—what has been produced, designed, written, or dreamed—we invited ten artists with a close relationship to the Sitterwerk to contribute a personal work.   

Proceeds from the edition support the Sitterwerk Foundation.   

For their works, we thank:
Mariana Castillo Deball
Katalin Deér
Silvie Defraoui
Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Aglaia Konrad / Willem Oorebeek
Jochen Lempert
Charlotte Moth
Shahryar Nashat
Miriam Sturzenegger
Ueli Torgler

further information about the works

The edition comes in a portfolio (A4 format) and comprises 100 copies. A few copies of the edition are still available. Each work is numbered and signed. The anniversary edition costs 1800 francs and can be purchased from the Sitterwerk. Interested individuals can contact: 

post[at], tel. +41 71 278 87 09 

Ueli Torgler, «Wurmgold», 2015

The guest artist Ueli Torgler has been working on an experimental garden since September 2014. He is modeling a sculptural landscape from a large amount of clay. His work also incorporates external influences and the circumstances given by the material. Weathering and the changeability of the material therefore affect the temporally extensive process of building. The edition “Wurmgold” (Worm Gold) was created from this work; cast golden worm balls in the original size, available in gold bullion or in brass fire-plated with gold. More about the clay garden.

Multiple I
Ed. 5, solid casting of gold bullion
CHF 10,000.–

Multiple II
Ed. 50, solid casting of brass, fire-plated with gold
CHF 1,000.–


Nach oben

Yves Netzhammer, «Apfelstillleben», 2014

The cast apple still lifes by Yves Netzhammer are offshoots of the outdoor installation «Die Sprache spielt Zeit oder Fabelhaft war der Apfelsaft» (The Language Plays Time or Scrumptious Was the Apple Juice). Yves Netzhammer traced the position of the former fruit pressing facility in Affoltern am Albis in a larger work with cast piles of apples. The apple still lifes, which are available as single apples or in groups of up to four apples, were created from the production using the direct burn out technique.

Ed. 300, solid casting in aluminum CHF 500.– per apple


Mariana Castillo Deball, «Uncomfortable Objects», 2012

The artist Mariana Castillo Deball was a guest in the Sitterwerk in 2012, where she produced a larger work in stucco marble for the documenta 13. A series of smaller, unique stucco marble works were created within this context and are available for purchase as a patron edition. The objects with the title «Uncomfortable Objects» go back to a formula of the mathematician Felix Klein (1849–1925). The last unique works from this edition are still available in the Sitterwerk.
About the artist

Ed. 20, stucco marble
Price upon request