Duscha Kistler

Duscha Kistler has served as managing director of the Sitterwerk Foundation since May 2017. Before her appointment to the foundation, for ten years she served as the cultural event and mediator for «Fantoche», the international animation film festival in Baden and completed studies in art history. Afterwards, she successfully led the «Sound Development City» project for Martin Heller, which went on to travel to two different international cities each year with a group of selected artists. In addition to her work for the Sitterwerk, Duscha is also an adviser for various cultural projects, an examiner in the field of art and film, as well as serving in the Federal Office for Culture’s grant committee for animation.

Ulrich Meinherz

Ulrich Meinherz has been managing the Kesselhaus Josephsohn and the Galerie Felix Lehner since 2005. He has also been part of the executive board of the Sitterwerk Foundation since it was establishment in 2006. He completed his studies of philosophy, German studies, and art history at the University of Zurich with a licentiate in 2003 while simultaneously working at a gallery for contemporary art in Zurich. Ulrich Meinherz was already friends with Hans Josephsohn while still a student and became intimately familiar with his works as a result of regular visits and assistance in his studio.

Julia Lütolf

Julia Lütolf has been responsible for the Material Archive since October 2011. She is a trained furniture carpenter and received a degree as a conservator at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern. 

Roland Früh

In September 2014, Roland Früh was named the Head Librarian of the Art Library. After completing his studies in art history in Zurich, he wrote the book accompanying the exhibition Book Design in St. Gallen, at the Sitterwerk in spring 2007, and has since remained closely connected to the Sittertal. In London he worked for the publisher Hyphen Press, at Werkplaats Typography in Arnhem, and as an art and design historian on publications and exhibitions. Since 2009, he has worked as a lecturer in art and design theory in schools at home and abroad.    

Annette Böckle

Annette Böckle has been working for the Sitterwerk Foundation as an assistant since August 2016. She previously managed a gallery for photography in Zurich and studied art history and communication studies at the University of Zurich.

Bettina Zimmermann

Bettina Zimmermann has been working as an assistant at the Kesselhaus Josephsohn and the Galerie Felix Lehner since January 2017. She studied fine art at the FHNW/HGK Basel and philosophy and art history at the University of Zurich.

Nina Keel

Nina Keel has been working for the Kesselhaus Josephsohn and Galerie Felix Lehner since 2010. She is currently also studying art history, journalism, and theory and history of photography at the University of Zurich.

Felix Lehner

Felix Lehner along with Hans Jörg Schmid, an architect and owner of the Sitterwerk site, and the book collector Daniel Rohner were co-initiators of the Sitterwerk Foundation in 2006. In 1983 In Beinwil am See, Felix Lehner established the Kunstgiesserei, which he still runs today. In 1994 the Kunstgiesserei relocated to St. Gallen, 2003 saw the establishment of Galerie Felix Lehner, which was followed by the development of the Sitterwerk Foundation as well as involvement in the opening of a photo lab in 2009. All of the institutions and businesses are located in immediate proximity to one another on the Sittertal site in St. Gallen.