Simone Truong: «In the middle of Nowhere – Your absence fills the space»

September 7, 2019, 22:30 

In the middle of Nowhere – Your absence fills the spacedeals with the topic of migration in an ever-changing society, where ...

Open Studios – Lorenza Longhi and Ani Schulze

Lorenza Longhi and Ani Schulze have been guests in the Sitterwerk studios since the beginning of May. On June 27, the two artists open their studios for friends and ...

June 27, 2019 Event date: 17.00 to 21.00

Ilona Ruegg at the Sitterwerk

The large studio window provides a view of the winter landscape of the Sitter River, of tree branches, bushes, stone formations, and moss — a landscape as if out of a Japanese woodcut. ...

Ursula Palla in the Guest Studio

In early September, Ursula Palla (*1961) moved into the Guest Studio of the Sitterwerk for a stay lasting several weeks. The Swiss artist studied drawing and painting at the F+F ...

Tina Schulz as a Visiting Artist at Sitterwerk

The German artist Tina Schulz (*1975) is at the Sitterwerk this fall for two and a half months as a visiting artist. She intends to devote her time spent in the guest studio to open, ...

A Talk with Ursula Palla and Tina Schulz

For over ten years now, the Sitterwerk has been maintaining the Studio House where invited artists can develop new projects. The artists also have access to the collections found in ...

October 05, 2018 Event date: 18.15

Elizabeth Hatz im Atelierhaus

Die schwedische Architekturprofessorin, Kuratorin und Künstlerin Elisabeth Hatz erfüllte sich bei ihrem Aufenthalt im Gastatelier einen lang gehegten Traum. Sie realisierte im ...

Ani Schulze im Gastatelier

Ani Schulze (*1982) in Frankenberg, lebt und arbeitet in Köln. Die Künstlerin verbrachte im Mai/Juni 2018 vier Wochen im Gastatelier des Sitterwerks. Das offene Atelier fand am 14. ...

Lena Henke in the Project Studio

When Lena Henke came to visit the Sitterwerk last summer, it was immediately clear that it would work. The Kunsthalle Zürich had asked us beforehand whether we might consider offering ...

Ueli Torgler - Open Studio

Ueli Torgler was a guest artist in the Sitterwerk in 2014/2015. Since then, the artist from Glarus has been working on a clay garden in the open air behind the work halls of the ...

October 03, 2017 Event date: 18.00

Traces of the Sitterwerk at Documenta 14

Nevin Aladag
Jali, Landesmuseum Kassel
Documenta 14, June 10 to September 17, 2017  
Keeping out and letting in, showing and concealing, ...

Traces of the Sitterwerk at the 57th Venice Biennale

Geoffrey Farmer
A Way Out of the Mirror, Canadian Pavilion
Venice Biennale, May 13 to November 26, 2017
Last summer, the Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer ...

Vaclav Pozarek as a Guest in the Sitterwerk


August 15, 2017 Event date: 18.00

Salome Schmuki & Theo Cowley as Guests in the Sitterwerk

Salome Schmuki and Theo Cowley live and work in St. Gallen and Brussels. From October 2016 to January 2017, they are ...

Talk by Peter Piller in the Sitterwerk

The German artist Peter Piller (*1968) works in photos, drawings, and conceptually, and also teaches at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts) in ...

September 12, 2016 Event date: 18.00

Edition: Ten Years of the Sitterwerk

In 2016 we are celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Sitterwerk Foundation, an occasion that happily gives us the opportunity to review what has taken ...

The Artist Ayami Awazuhara as Guest in the Studio of the Sitterwerk

The guest artist Ayami Awazuhara began her stay in the Sitterwerk with research in the Art Library. The Berlin-based artist is spending two months in the guest studio, during which she ...

Beatrice Dörig in the Guest Studio

Open Studio on tuesday, January 12, 2016, beginning at 6 p.m.

January 12, 2016

Ueli Torgler–clay garden

The artist Ueli Torgler from Glarus has been a guest in the studio of the Sitterwerk in stages since September 2014. He is working here on a clay garden, examining the ...

Artist Daniela Gugg in the Guest Studio

«I asked my grandfather how it felt to live on this world for one hundred years. That’s a hard question; he would have to think about it.»

Frédéric Dedelley—Guest Artist Stay in the Sitterwerk

Models for vessels and vases stand on the table and floor, and remains of white model-building boxes, from which geometric forms have been cut out, lean against the wall of the guest ...

Vera Marke Learns Fresco Painting in the Guest Studio of the Sitterwerk

Open studio: Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 6 pm

The artist Vera Marke has been working in the guest studio of the Sitterwerk this month. Over three weeks, she has been ...

«Who's There – A Dance Piece with Text»

«While asleep, I once saw all of Europe’s mountains collapse.»

On February 27 and 28, the premiere of «Who’s There – A Dance Piece with Text» is taking place in the studio ...

February 27, 2015 to February 28, 2015

Bruno Jakob – hidden pictures

«Everything that is hidden has a place, since what does not exist cannot be hidden.»*

Bruno Jakob has been working in the Studio House in the Sitterwerk in July and August ...

Guest Artists at the Sitterwerk: Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek

Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek have been guest artists in the Sitterwerk in August 2014. For her visual examinations of architecture and urbanity, Aglaia Konrad (*1960, Austria) ...

Karin Karinna Bühler –
Guest Artist in Winter 2014

Karin Karinna Bühler (born in 1974) has been a guest artist in the Sitterwerk for three months since January. At the beginning of her stay, she spent time looking through the Art ...

April 01, 2014 Event date: 18.00

Open Studio in the Sitterwerk: Jochen Lempert

From September to October 2013, Jochen Lempert, who lives and works in Hamburg, is a guest artist in the Sitterwerk. He studied biology, and has been working as a photographer since ...

October 15, 2013 Event date: 18.00

Allyson Vieira – Guest Artist
in Summer 2013

Allyson Vieira (*1979) has been a guest artist in the large project studio of the Sitterwerk since the beginning of July. The invitation of the studio advisory committee was extended ...

Annina Frehner – Guest Artist in May 2013

Annina Frehner (born in Winterthur in 1983) was a guest artist in the Sitterwerk in May 2013. Many of her works are related to the topic of working with space. Her interest is above ...

Anastasia Katsidis – Guest Artist in the Sitterwerk

September 25, 2012 Event date: 17.30

Phil Dobson – Guest Artist in July 2012

 The English artist Phil Dobson was a guest artist in the Studio House of the Sitterwerk in the month of July. 

Raphael Langmair – As Guest in the Sitterwerk

Raphael Langmair (*1985) lives in Amsterdam. His stay in the Sitterwerk came about in cooperation with Nadia Veronese and Kathrin Doerig, the two initiators of the Guerilla Galerie: ...

Andrea Vogel in the Guest Studio

From November 2011 to January 2012 Andrea Vogel worked in the guest studio. During the winter months, it is not possible to give artists the opportunity to use the guest studio in ...

Kunikazu Kadota - Japanese Guest Artist

In the months of August and September 2011 the Japanese artist Kunikazu Kadota (*1985) was a guest in the studio in the Sitterwerk. On Tuesday September 6, he gave an insight into his ...

Guest Artists in June and July 2011:
Minze Tummescheit and Arne Hector

Minze Tummescheit and Arne Hector, two filmmakers who live in Berlin, were guest artists in the Sitterwerk in the months of June and July 2011. They were working on the editing of ...

Shana Lutker – Guest Artist in May 2011

While staying in the guest studio of the Sitterwerk, the American artist Shana Lutker prepared for her exhibition «A. G. L. & X.» at the Galerie Barbara Seiler, which opened in ...

Andreas Karl Schulze in the Guest Studio

At the close of his stay in the Guest Studio of the Sitterwerk, Andreas Karl Schulze presented at the «open studio» on December 2010 works created on-site. Although the title may at ...

FADING OUT «Fasson Theater» at Studio House

September 30, 2010 to October 02, 2010

F. P. Boué in the guest studio

In summer 2010 the New York artist F. P. Boué was a guest in the studio of the Sitterwerk for three months. He was preparing for an exhibition that he presented in February 2011 ...

Flora Cohen, Guest Artist

In August 2009, Flora Cohen, a Columbian artist from Miami, moved into the guest studio. Here she is working on the subject of the human tongue using a wide range of diverse media. Her ...

Open Studios

5pm - open studios
6pm - bratwurst and beer
7:30pm - presentation by Prof. Monika Wagner, University of Hamburg

June 18, 2009 Event date: 17.00

Katja Schenker — Guest Artist in the Sitterwerk

Summer 2009 – Artificial Sediments

Michelle Grob — Guest Artist in the Sitterwerk

April to June 2009 – Sugar-starched object-contours 

Katalin Deér

Two, two-and-a-half, and three dimensions

Mariana Castillo Deball

Kaleidoscopic Eye — Artistic intervention in the Sitterwerk and in the Kunsthalle St.Gallen

February 14, 2009 to April 12, 2009

If One Thing Matters
a film about Wolfgang Tillmans

D/USA 2008, 72 Min
Swiss film premiere of Heiko Kalmbach's film in the Sitterwerk

December 11, 2008

Regula Engeler and Susa Gunzner

Summer 2008 — On the Life of Death

Asi Föcker / Henrik Strömberg

Summer 2008 — In Search of the Holy Barbara

Gregor Passens

Spring 2008 — Pencil Sharpener and Excavator Shovel

Jason Klimatsas

Autumn 2007 — Sculptural Building Ruins
The Zurich artist Jason Klimatsas in the guest studio.

Joe Fyfe

Summer 2007 — Textile Paintings

Anne Chu

Spring 2007 — New Yorker Sculptor in the Guest Studio

Andro Wekua

Summer 2006 — Manor Prize Exhibition in Winterthur

Eliza Proctor

Spring / Summer 2006 — Fleeting Artworks

Ugo Rondinone

Spring 2006 — Caricatured Masks

Stefan Banz

Autumn 2005 «The Dent Blanche» in Styrofoam

Heiko Kalmbach

Summer 2005 «If One Thing Matters» a film about Wolfgang Tillmans

Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture

Workshop for Architecture Students

April 04, 2005 to April 09, 2005

Nic Bezemer

Spring 2005: First Guest in the Studio House in the Sitterwerk