Andrea Vogel in the Guest Studio

From November 2011 to January 2012 Andrea Vogel worked in the guest studio. During the winter months, it is not possible to give artists the opportunity to use the guest studio in the Sitterwerk in the customary way: the high space is difficult to heat, making an ongoing living and working situation nearly impossible. During this time, the Sitterwerk is, therefore, again giving access to the guest studio to artists from the region. Thus, for example, Beni Bischof, another artist who lives in St.Gallen, was invited to work here in January/February 2011.

Andrea Vogel (*1974) always develops her works, which are situated in the field of installation and performance, through the artistic examination of objects, spaces, or the histories of locations. In the Sitterwerk, the artist is thus planning to develop works that react to the location, and to this end was experimenting with sprayed, layered materials. Until recently, she also worked as a designer at the company Jakob Schlaepfer parallel to her artistic activity. In this three-month period of working in the Sitterwerk, Andrea Vogel was thus able to be active for the first time exclusively as an artist. Directly afterwards, she went to Rome for a three-month studio scholarship endowed by the Canton of St.Gallen.

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