Beatrice Dörig in the Guest Studio

Open Studio on tuesday, January 12, 2016, beginning at 6 p.m.

January 12, 2016

Entering space, three-dimensionality, with painting—this is what the artist Beatrice Dörig has planned for her stay in the guest studio in the Sitterwerk. She would like to make painting into the object. From her studio at the Reithalle in St.Gallen, she brought nothing except an overhead projector. And an almost finished work, a round painting, oil on canvas, over which a lamp hangs. Starting from this installative painting, Beatrice Dörig is going one step further, out into space, with the work «Super Error Carpet Rondell,» which she is working on in the guest studio. The work, cast in colored concrete, will be shown from May to September 2016 as part of Galerie Weiertal’s group exhibition in the sculpture garden. «I hope to find the knowhow here to realize this work,» says Beatrice Dörig. With this she means on the one hand the knowledge of the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen. On the other: she found the first insightful information about various approaches for this work in the Sitterwerk’s Material Archive.  

In the guest studio, Beatrice Dörig has hung several large sheets of transparent plastic foil behind each other, with an interspace of around sixty centimeters. The foils move with the slightest movement of the air, and the light streaming in draws a shadow structure on the surface. What interests her here is the multilayered quality. In painting as well as in perception. Of her own as well as of viewers. She will paint the sheets of foil, while some may perhaps also remain unpainted. Viewed from the front, what arises is an image in which light has a painterly effect. A diffuse transparency results from the suspended foils being hung behind one another. 

«Beyond my comfort zone» is Beatrice Dörig’s motto for her stay. And in the center are three keywords: «installative—space—painting.» New surroundings enable for her to develop a different approach to painting. During her stay in the guest studio, she will be using acrylic paint and transparent plastic foil rather than oil paint and canvas as up to now. She sees the work in the Sitterwerk as an experiment and the experience will stay with her. 

Open Studio on tuesday, January 12, 2016, beginning at 6 pm, with some soup and beverages

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