Bruno Jakob – hidden pictures

«Everything that is hidden has a place, since what does not exist cannot be hidden.»*

Bruno Jakob has been working in the Studio House in the Sitterwerk in July and August 2014. His medium is painting. With thoughts, energy, light, air, and water, he paints invisible pictures in part on paper, in part on canvas, but also on the screen of his laptop or in the space. He is now using the large studio in the Sitterwerk with a height of over seven meters for work on a sculpture that comes to stand invisibly in the middle. “Air” and “invisible green” stand ready to paint in little cans to other utensils. And water from the Sitter River. This has also become a component of his color palette. Bruno Jakob (*1954, Switzerland) moves in space and painting becomes a performance. In his left hand, he holds a brush, in his right usually a camera with which he records the space and act of painting, but which he uses above all as an extension of his eye. He uses the lens as a tool for looking because the gaze through the viewfinder alters vision. For the performances, Bruno Jakob has been working for over twenty years with the artist and musician Hans Witschi.

In September, Bruno Jakob, who has been awarded the Ricola Prize, will go back to New York, where he has been living for over thirty years. He is represented by the Galerie Peter Kilchmann in Zurich.

Open studios of Bruno Jakob and Aglaia Konrad and of Willem Oorebeek was on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 with a film screening by Aglaia Konrad (“Concrete & Samples III Carrara”), a lecture by Willem Oorebeek (“Bild, oder” (Picture, or) and with Bruno Jakob at work.

*Chris Bünter in: Bruno Jakob, The Touch (Forbidden Pictures)

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