The Artist Ayami Awazuhara as Guest in the Studio of the Sitterwerk

The guest artist Ayami Awazuhara began her stay in the Sitterwerk with research in the Art Library. The Berlin-based artist is spending two months in the guest studio, during which she is primarily furthering her installative work. As already in other works, here, she is also examining “Table Top Theory.” With “Table Top Theory,” under which the artist subsumes visual studies on objects and their relationship to one another, what is depicted is a kind of material mind-map. Objects, lying on the surface of a table, interact with and stand in a tense relationship to one another. Ayami Awazuhara records each installation in photographs. In the work currently being created, she will also integrate a projection. In the Sitterwerk, the artist would also like to take advantage of the opportunity to use the Material Archive for her material research and to produce a casting in the neighboring Kunstgiesserei. 

In addition to her sculptural praxis, Ayami Awazuhara’s oeuvre also comprises texts and artist’s books. Her first publication is A Heart of a Stone, 2014, which is part of an installation of the same name. The calling-into-question of the relationship between humans and stones as well as our perception of stones in traditional and modern ways became the starting point for her current work, which examines the relationship between human beings and their surroundings. 

The open studio in the Sitterwerk took place on June 28, 2016, at 6 pm. 

About the artist