Annina Frehner – Guest Artist in May 2013

Annina Frehner (born in Winterthur in 1983) was a guest artist in the Sitterwerk in May 2013. Many of her works are related to the topic of working with space. Her interest is above all in small living spaces and dwellings as well as in the question of how much space an individual needs in order to live.

In the Sitterwerk, Annina Frehner collected, on the one hand, everyday waste material that came from the production processes of various institutions and enterprises and was no longer needed. In her works, she always tries to use available materials and later once again give them a new use. In her explorations of the Sittertal site, the former, today-disused bathhouse, which was built while the textile dye-works were in operation, aroused her interest. She planned to give the small building a new use by means of a “gentle” restoration – similar to a cleansing – and in this way to pave the way for a possible restoration. At the same time, she was also interested in the history of the bathhouse, which has been a protected cultural heritage site for some years. Aware that such an undertaking requires extensive research and planning and due to the shortness/briefness of her residency, practical realization of the project was, however, not possible. Annina Frehner will, however, possibly come again in the near future for another and longer stay as a guest artist.

Annina Frehner currently lives and works in Leipzig, where she is studying at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB, Academy of Visual Arts) in the master class of Astrid Klein Visual Arts (diploma course).