Simone Truong: «In the middle of Nowhere – Your absence fills the space»

September 7, 2019, 22:30 

In the middle of Nowhere – Your absence fills the spacedeals with the topic of migration in an ever-changing society, where identity cannot be defined merely by one's origin. The project suggests a research on bodies in transition in a history-in-the-making. Here, migration is not only understood in a classical way, where people change their place of residency - voluntarily or forcedly -, but also in a broader sense, as a moment in transition, a rupture with the familiar, a departure into the unknown and therewith a feeling of being lost. 

The evening invites the audience to share a space with others, where darkness and light, singing and silence, immobility and movement, distance and proximity oppose each other. In between, a third space opens up. It is a suspended space, where one is allowed to get lost, linger, listen, and simply look around rather than ahead. The project aims to create a space that is not about “us and the others over there”, but about a collective experience that reflects the timeless aspect of migration.

Concept/choreography: Simone Truong
Creation/Performance: Cosima Grand, Jeanne Gumy, Tarek Halaby, Anna Massoni, Roger Sala Reyner, Adina Secretan, Simone Truong
Creation/Voice: Jean-Baptiste Veyret- Logerias
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
Light/Stage: Patrik Riemann
Sound: Marcel Babazadeh
Project management: Antje Czudaj
Internship: Jeanne Gumy