Kunikazu Kadota - Japanese Guest Artist

In the months of August and September 2011 the Japanese artist Kunikazu Kadota (*1985) was a guest in the studio in the Sitterwerk. On Tuesday September 6, he gave an insight into his current work within the framework of the open studio.

For his current artistic work, Kunikazu Kadota is using the material and technique of Origami – the traditional art of folding colored paper into figures of animals, plants, or geometric objects. He is, however, not interested in the traditional, playful exercises of creating the most complex figures possible with manual dexterity and a sense of space. He rather, in contrast, creates objects that are as simple and clear as possible, and which he folds uniformly hundreds of times in different colors and thus builds ephemeral architectural sculptures whose eventual collapse seems to part of the concept. Since he documents with his camera not only the individual steps in the erecting of these structures but also the «heaps of ruins» into which they collapse.

Finally, he compresses, for example, the process of the building of such structures through the overlaying of many individual recordings of various stages from the same perspective. Similar to the repeated exposure of analogue film material, through these layerings of digital recordings, he creates a transparency of the objects so that this processually concentrated perception suddenly penetrates their subject; the photographic images created in this manner seem to make it possible to recognize what lies beyond our time-bound perception and, nonetheless, has no less reality. (um)