Miriam Sturzenegger – Guest Artist from April to August


From mid-April to mid-August 2012, Miriam Sturzenegger (*1983) is the guest artist in the large studio of the Sitterwerk. The artist consistently develops her works in reduction. The exploration of the conditions of drawing – with traceable articulation on the one hand and a constructive process that organizes space on the other – her visual thinking is also defining in her installations and texts. Starting from the white sheet of paper, with often only a few lines, she creates a «sphere for thought» that is as haptic as it is fleeting. The pictorial space is not limited to the drawing sheet but is instead expanded through the inclusion of the physical architecture and the surfaces of the surroundings.

Miriam Sturzenegger integrates found situations into her work through artistic appropriation. She methodically utilizes happenstances such as the falling of a strand of hair onto the sheet of paper and thus makes the lines more precise or interrupts them. The orientation of the gaze between lines and edges allows spatial shifts and fragile architectures to be created. With her installations made from collected wooden slats and panels, Miriam Sturzenegger takes drawing into the three-dimensional.

The collecting of traces is one part of her artistic strategy. She sees traces and dust as an accretion of time – and drawing, to a certain extent, as an «arranging of dust», which can also be understood as an experimental information theory or moment of poetry.

An open studio took place on:
Tuesday, June 5, starting at 5:30 pm, with gazpacho and Jerez

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