Nic Bezemer

Spring 2005: First Guest in the Studio House in the Sitterwerk

Nic Bezemer is known in Holland above all for his extensive wall drawings. He develops his forms from observations of the world, «as we find it» come upon and understand it. Abstracted into contours filled in with black, four marrowbones laugh hollow-eyed from the wall. The cracks in a panel of wood dried in the sun, its traces of natural aging, radiate dematerialized in the space as a generous energy field. The motifs at the same time remain wholly themselves but can also be read surprisingly otherwise. They change «with deliberately reduced means» when viewed into something new. Contributing to this are also the slide projections used for the transmission of images with their altered scale.

On the banks of the Sitter River, Bezemer photographed a series of «Floating Stones», for example, and also draws and paints. For a public presentation, he is planning a large floor work: a school of fish in an vortex.

Nic Bezemer was invited to work in peace in the Sitterwerk, as well as to support the development of the guest program with his advice. He was involved over several years in setting up studio houses in the harbor district in Rotterdam. Along with other producers of art, he built an industrial hall named after the star «Kaus australis» near to the airport in 1996/97. Four of the eleven studios there are reserved for domestic and foreign guests.

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