Talk by Peter Piller in the Sitterwerk

September 12, 2016 Event date: 18.00

The German artist Peter Piller (*1968) works in photos, drawings, and conceptually, and also teaches at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts) in Leipzig as a professor of photography.

Piller’s conceptual artistic work is characterized by the assembling and categorizing of image material. The artist creates archives through organizing collected images—hence, for instance, photographs from newspapers, company events, libraries, or the Internet—according to his own criteria and makes them into groups of works. He thus produces references between the found image material and opens up new possible interpretations by means of the compilation and the interplay between word and image. The collections of images created over the years are arranged anew again and again and published in the series Archiv Peter Piller.

In his own photographic work, the artist’s gaze focuses on day-to-day life. In his series Peripheriewanderung (Periphery Walks), he has been exploring the borders of settlements in various places in Europe photographically for nearly twenty years. Back in the studio, the photographs are supplemented with memory drawings and therefore give rise to mental maps. Within the framework of this series, Peter Piller created the Peripheriewanderung Winterthur, commissioned by the Fotomuseum Winterthur, which was included in his presentation in this museum in 2015.

Peter Piller is a guest in the Sitterwerk for two weeks in September and will further develop his work here. The artist will give a talk in the Sitterwerk on Monday, September 12, at 6 pm. 

Archiv Peter Piller