Short Stay in the Sitterwerk

Summer 2013

In July and August 2013, the guest studio in the Sitterwerk is being made available for short stays by individuals with the most diverse professions and orientations who would like to work and research in the Art Library and Material Archive. The two collections are housed in one building in the Sitterwerk and are characterized by a dynamic system of order that users are able to specify.

The result of the stay is open, but a personal compilation should definitely be created. For us, it is also of great interest to see what new perspectives and questions emerge based on this system of order.

We are currently working on the realization of a new project with the title «Bibliozine», which is planned to start at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 and will address the question of how physical archives can be revitalized by means of digital tools. The project is thus linked to the potentialities of a dynamic system of order. What is fundamentally concerned here is a workstation at which users can prepare their compilations of books and material samples, supplemented with their own thoughts, scans, photographs, etc. in the form of a booklet—as a «Bibliozine».

We are pleased that it has been possible to attract a wide-range of interesting guests at short notice for this stay. In July, Andrea and Ted Davis were the first guests in the Sitterwerk. The two siblings are interested—Andrea as a librarian and Ted as an artist and programmer—in questions of enhancing the presentation of the dynamic system of order, as this might be realized, for example, using a visualization of the paths of books from shelf to shelf. Michael Bodenmann and Barbara Signer are both artists and regular visitors in the Sitterwerk. A central focus of Barbara Signer’s research is the imaginary, while Michael Bodenmann also deals with this in part as well as pursues his interest in the theme of the eroticism of traveling. At the end of July, with Annett Höland and Yves Schweizer come two designers who also know the Sitterwerk well, specifically as a result of their work in the Art Library. They are working on a project in which books and materials in the Sitterwerk can be brought together in the form of a wooden library and would like to do research for this and work in-depth on a possible exhibition concept. In August, the first guests are Katja Gläss and Philipp Ottendörfer. They have their roots in photography and before this backdrop are pursuing the theme of “city and archive”: in the Art Library, they would like to research how a city is perceived, what ideas are associated with it, and how it is seen and pictured. Finally, Julia Klein, a sculptor, will be a guest in the Sitterwerk for a few days. She also runs a small art-book publishing house and is interested in the connections between book and material as well as in the dynamic system. Adam Feldmeth is an artist and lives in Berlin and Los Angeles. He already spent a few days in the Art Library in June. What interest him in particular are the possibilities of the physical movements of book from shelf to shelf that are able take place in the Sitterwerk as a result of the dynamic system. In conclusion, Asi Föcker, a musician as well as a freelance employee of the Kunstgiesserei for many years, will dedicate herself special collection in the Sitterwerk that has not yet been registered: a collection of records that is currently kept a cupboard in the guestroom of the Library. She would like to make this collection accessible through setting up an audio station in the guestroom at which visitors will be able to listen to the records in the future.