Ueli Torgler - Open Studio

October 03, 2017 Event date: 18.00

Ueli Torgler was a guest artist in the Sitterwerk in 2014/2015. Since then, the artist from Glarus has been working on a clay garden in the open air behind the work halls of the Kunstgiesserei, for which he travels from his home in Hamburg every couple of months. It is then time to shift clay, manually rearrange and move material, and apply and remove it—day after day and in all weathers.

In the meantime, Torgler has developed five testing grounds where he creates clay landscapes of various kinds to then expose them to the laws and moods of nature. Rain, wind, frost, heat, and dryness leave behind their traces, permeate, and change the material and its surface textures. Ueli Torgler observes the weather-related influences and reacts to them through putting his hands to work and influencing them physically. Artist and nature therefore quasi both participate in the creative process.

Ueli Torgler is free in his handling of the masses and proportions as well as in choosing the time intervals at which action takes place. He does, however, also follow a few rules. For instance, the sculptural work is not oriented toward a representational motif.
Particular plants also have their place in Torgler’s model. Hence, on two specially created testing grounds, moss plants colonize a topography that forms a compacted landscape comprising components of fired clay, sand, and cement. In contrast to the changeable clay formations of the neighboring testing grounds, here the plants are what bring the dynamic transformation.

With the experimental garden in the Sitter valley, Ueli Torgler is testing his ideas for «building a garden» with regard to suitable realization as an art form in his working practice. The temporal dimension also plays an important role in this: It is only through developing and observing over a longer period of time that Torgler is able to elaborate a system, rules, and methods so as to develop garden models in which the topic of gardens is inherent in the process-related work.

On October 3, 2017, around two years after his first open studio, Ueli Torgler will once again provide insights into his work and speak about developments and realizations from his clay garden.

Based on the collaboration with Ueli Torgler, the patron edition «Wurmgold» was created in 2015 and is available in the Sitterwerk. It goes back to a work from 1990, for which Torgler had a worm ball cast in gold in its original size.

With the kind support of:
Anne-Marie Schindler Stiftung, Ennenda (GL); Brauchli Ziegelei AG; Kulturförderung des Kantons Glarus / Swisslos Kulturfonds (project contribution 2015/16); Markus and Brigitte Rauh; ZZ Wancor AG