Vera Marke Learns Fresco Painting in the Guest Studio of the Sitterwerk

Open studio: Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 6 pm

The artist Vera Marke has been working in the guest studio of the Sitterwerk this month. Over three weeks, she has been teaching herself the technique of fresco painting, which she describes as a supreme discipline within painting. She already did research in advance, while in the Sitterwerk, she has dedicated herself primarily to practical research work, testing the application of the wall with lime mortar, pit lime, and pigments. She has also recorded the results of her work in a journal, writing her observations on the consistency and drying times for the materials. What interests her: how can the conditions that a technique imposes on a picture be used with respect to a contemporary concept of art?

As a painter, she has also realized several art-in-architecture projects. Fresco painting will enable her to paint pictures not only on the wall, but also directly into the wall. For her, frescoes therefore also mean thinking about architecture, she says, and open up new possibilities for her.


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