Supporting makers of art by means of studio scholarships is a tried and tested form of direct promotion of culture. Promising endeavors are often thus assisted in achieving a breakthrough, or the further development of a work experiences new impulses. In the guest studios in New York, Paris or London, artists rarely come upon the possibilities that exist in the Studio House in the Sittertal near St.Gallen.

In the largest of the three studios, a hall with a height of seven meters, the circumstances necessary for industrial production were retained during the conversion. The ground-level entrance is accessible for trucks, and a mobile crane can carry up to five tons and makes expansive artistic gestures possible. The two smaller studios offer a more intimate framework for artistic expression.

The studios are situated secluded from all hectic and noise and also provide sleeping accommodations, a kitchen, as well as a bath and WC. This makes it possible for artists to retreat into concentrated creation. The Art Library, the Material Archive and the resources of the enterprises located here provide an ideal atmosphere for working.

The set-up of the Studio House has already amply proven itself. Various artists have worked on a specific project during their stay in the guest and project studios, prepared for an exhibition, or taken advantage of the inspiring surroundings of the Kunstgiesserei and the Sitterwerk. In addition, the Kunstgiesserei regularly rents the largest of the three studios in order to realize large projects. Thus, in recent years, various works for Urs Fischer and for Paul McCarthy have been created. The third studio is rented on a permanent basis: the artist Katalin Deér works here on the borders between the pictorial and sculptural depiction of built structures.

As a result of such varied uses, a flexible management concept has crystallized: artists are regularly invited to realize a project in one of the guest studios or to come for work residencies. The Sitterwerk offers artists the opportunity to realize a specific project in one of the guest studios. It is also possible to rent a studio in order to have access to the extraordinary infrastructure of the Sitterwerk and its surroundings.