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Freitag, 02.06.2023 – 03.09.2023
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Linda Semadeni

Vom Juni bis August arbeitet Linda Semadeni im Sitterwerk Gastatelier an ihren Projekten.
Das Offene Atelier findet am Mittwoch, 30. August, ab 17 Uhr statt.

«Standing sill I associate with resignation or an inability to express myself, that's why movement is a central starting point for me. I often feel released with a move from a situation or a thought, but it also becomes repetition, escape or redemption, in which one is trapped.

The feeling that I am guided or controlled by the movements around me, not only from bodies, or I can control and guide them, leads me to my thinking and question: how do we move today? And how can I manipulate what moves me?

I try to bring these thoughts and questions poetically into my form. I often start with a performed move, conceptualized or free.
By using different media I'm exploring moves that we make or are exposed to all the time and sometimes don't even notice anymore.
Instinctively or deliberately these moves can guide, manipulate or restrict our behavior.

How do we deal with what is opposite and between us? My interest also lies in the tension between the physical and the disembodied, where the thing that shrinks and flows is not needed.

How do we move on close and far plains / zones, spaces, in ourselves, and on the surfaces we live on and in, where our senses come from.»

Linda Semadeni