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Sunday, 23.11.2014 – 23.11.2014
Dynamische Ordnung


On Sunday, November 23, 2014, in the Art Library, the Bibliozine project will be presented and introduced as a working tool. Bibliozine consists of a table equipped with radio frequency antennas and cameras that makes it possible for users to compile contents from the Art Library and the Material Archive, supplement them with one’s own materials on the computer, and reproduce them in digital notebooks that can then be printed. The project with the working title Bibliozine views itself in a broad sense as an interactive work environment and is a further step in dealing with the Material Archive, the holdings of the Art Library, and the principle of dynamic order in an innovative manner. The goal of the project is firstly to bring the digital and haptic world together at the interface between user and medium. Secondly, the resulting notebooks, called «bibliozines», are meant to flow back into the holdings of the library or be used as a publishing form for a series of publications on exhibitions, workshops, and other symposia.

The project builds on the Sitterwerk’s current dynamic system of order, which allows users to participate in designing how the books are arranged. In addition to two reading devices that go along the rows of shelves once each day and ascertain the location of every book using RFID technology, the system of order also includes a «sensitive» table. By means of radio frequency, this table recognizes not only books but also material samples and links the book holdings with the collection of materials. Just as a particular book only become true material for one’s work insofar as one inserts bookmarks, adds notes, or stows whole stacks of paper in it, the new tool now also makes it possible to inscribe digital traces of personal research and readings in the book, make comments, and thus utilize the material—similar to the way in which Daniel Rohner also did so with great passion.

Work with the new tool within the context of the Art Library and Material Archive, and not least the creation of notebooks as digital or printed «bibliozines» is ideal for students from diverse fields of design, art, or material science. The notes created can also be used for scholarly works and serve not only as a personal work tool, but also as a tool for groups or school classes.

For the conception and realization, the Sitterwerk is working with the project partners Christian Kern (InfoMedis AG), Anthon Astrom, Lukas Zimmer (Astrom/Zimmer GmbH), and Fabian Wegmüller. It is the knowledge, great motivation, and curiosity of these programmers and designers that makes the realization of the project possible in the first place. Christian Kern and his company InfoMedis AG already advised and supported the Sitterwerk in implementing the dynamic order. In the current project, InfoMedis AG is responsible for the RFID technology, and Astrom/Zimmer & Fabian Wegmüller for the image recognition, the digital interface, and the production of the notebooks.

The project is supported by the Canton, the City of St.Gallen, and the Steinegg Stiftung, Herisau.

Sunday, November 23, 3pm, Sitterwerk Art Library

There will be raclette available in the fresh air as well as beverages.