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Wednesday, 21.07.2021 – 28.09.2021

Stefan Burger

Stefan Burger worked on photographic and sculptural projects during his stay at the Sitterwerk studio. He also conceived the new Sitterwerk edition ‹Sankt Galler Schwund›.

Stefan Burger

Stefan Burger arrived at the Sitterwerk studio, where he has been working on photographic and sculptural works, at the end of July. For the Open Studio, he is presenting the new Sitterwerk edition ‹Sankt Galler Schwund›.

Starting from the process of shrinkage in the process of casting metal, with ‹Sankt Galler Schwund› Stefan Burger uses loss as a sculptural strategy. The sculpture consists of a laundry drying stand reduced in size by 5 percent, along with a single sock. In contrast to the sculptural process of enlarging to scale, which often requires space, the sculpture ‹Sankt Galler Schwund› cannot only be folded up practically and stowed away behind furniture, but already also comes with the offer of its own dissolution from the very beginning already.

‹Sankt Galler Schwund›, 2021

Cotton sock, powder-coated steel, screen print on a cellulose telescope case
122 × 63 × 10 cm
Edition of 10 + AP 2 + SE 2
The edition is accompanied by a special edition (2 pieces) in a rusty version.