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Anton Bruhin
Bronze Heads, 2019

Anton Bruhin (*1949, lives and works in Zurich) draws on a broad palette of topics and media in his artistic work. His oeuvre consists of portrait and landscape paintings, collections of palimpsests that he has realized as books, reliefs created from Lego building blocks, and many other things. Although he remains offline until today, he already engaged with the possibilities of artistic work with the help of computer programs at a quite early point in time.

Anton Bruhin has been exploring realistic and archetypal forms of presenting heads and faces in various series and techniques for decades. In 2019, an extensive, still open series of «heads consisting of formwork panels» has been created within this context. He has commercially available concrete formwork panels with their characteristic materiality and color cut to size based on lists of parts available at the hardware store, and assembles them precisely in his studio to create diverse representations of heads. He thus sounds out the boundaries between figuration and abstraction when portraying human beings in a stringently limited vocabulary of forms.

For the St.Gallen Museum Night in 2019, the Sitterwerk Foundation produced individual objects from this series in bronze in the open casting method at the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen AG.

The two works "Bronze Head" can be seen in the exhibition "Anton Bruhin - Hauptsache" in the Haus für Kunst Uri from 7 March - 17 May 2020.

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Lena Henke
Totem and Tabu, 2018

Lena Henke is a sculptor and lives in New York. She moved into her temporary studio in the Sitterwerk’s large project studio at the end of August 2017 and meticulously and with ever greater concentration worked on developing her solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zürich (An Idea of Late German Sculpture; To the People of New York, March 3 – May 13, 2018).

Born in Warburg in 1982, Lena Henke studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main from 2004 to 2010. Her sculptural works are made from a wide range of materials and preferably conceived as large-scale installations. Urban and spatial planning theories, relationship systems as well as recurring form elements such as horse and female bodies often play a decisive role in them.

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Nevin Aladağ
Screen, 2017

Jali is a work of Turkish artist Nevin Aladağ, produced 2017 in the Sitterwerk’s guest studio for the Documenta 14. As support of the project and the Sitterwerk an edition of single bricks was made which is on sale at the Sitterwerk.

Keeping out and letting in, showing and concealing, intimacy and display are important themes in Nevin Aladağ's work. In cooperation with the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen Aladağ developed her contribution for the Documenta with light and sight-permeable ceramic bricks, glazed in subtle pastel shades and stacked in a screen-like manner, drawing a filigree, yet firm and insurmountable barrier through the Landesmuseum in Kassel. The different clay elements are inspired by Moroccan, Japanese, and European lattice and window ornaments.

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Ueli Torgler
Wurmgold, 2015

The guest artist Ueli Torgler has been working on an experimental garden since September 2014. He is modeling a sculptural landscape from a large amount of clay. His work also incorporates external influences and the circumstances given by the material. Weathering and the changeability of the material therefore affect the temporally extensive process of building. The edition Wurmgold (Worm Gold) was created from this work; cast golden worm balls in the original size, available in gold bullion or in brass fire-plated with gold.

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Yves Netzhammer
Apfelstillleben, 2014

The cast apple still lifes by Yves Netzhammer are offshoots of the outdoor installation Die Sprache spielt Zeit oder Fabelhaft war der Apfelsaft (The Language Plays Time or Scrumptious Was the Apple Juice). Yves Netzhammer traced the position of the former fruit pressing facility in Affoltern am Albis in a larger work with cast piles of apples. The apple still lifes, which are available as single apples or in groups of up to four apples, were created from the production using the direct burn out technique.

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Mariana Castillo Deball
Uncomfortable Objects, 2012

The artist Mariana Castillo Deball was a guest in the Sitterwerk in 2012, where she produced a larger work in stucco marble for the documenta 13. A series of smaller, unique stucco marble works were created within this context and are available for purchase as a patron edition. The objects with the title Uncomfortable Objects go back to a formula of the mathematician Felix Klein (1849–1925). The last unique works from this edition are still available in the Sitterwerk.

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